Oprah Winfrey Brings Inspiration to Atlanta

O You! was a full day of learning, inspiration, fun and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear straight from the source: Oprah Winfrey herself. Ms Winfrey closed out the day with an uplifting speech about ‘what she knows for sure.’ She told many uplifting antidotes but all with one core message: know yourself, believe in yourself and always work to lead your best life. “Everything that doesn’t take you out makes you stronger,” she proclaimed. “There will be challenges, there will be difficulties, there will be people telling you, you can’t – know who you are. You have to stand in the truth of who you are.”

Many experts from O, The Oprah Magazine were also on hand to help people find ways to lead their best life. The interactive seminars and workshops featured at the event included:

  • May We Help You? (a regular feature in the magazine) featured Dr. Mehmet Oz, Suze Orman and Martha Beck who answered readers most pressing questions.
  • Finding Your Passion, with Martha Beck, Donna Brazile and Suze Orman, found inspiration in real women who have made “the leap” and helped women learn how to follow their lead.
  • Feeling Good, Looking Better focused on health, fitness, beauty and fashion, led by Dr. Oz and Bob Greene, along with Adam Glassman and Val Monroe; Adam and Val – O’s fashion and beauty power team –made over one of the attendees.
  • Your Stuff, Your Story, led by Nate Berkus and Peter Walsh, discussed how our possessions reveal so much about our inner and outer lives and how we can rewrite our stories so they fit better with who we really are.
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