Over 40 & Fabulous! Winner – Kevin Avery

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Atlanta radio host Kevin Avery, 49, inspires legions of fans each day on his “Kevin and Taylor in the Morning” show with Taylor Scott on 104.7 The Fish. His infectious positivity conveys the loving heart of a devoted husband and father of four. Spontaneous, soft-hearted and sometimes silly, Kevin celebrates his love of faith, family and fun.

Has your perspective on turning 40 changed?
Today, 40 is definitely younger in terms of lifestyle, attitude and interests. But, time truly flies and kids grow up in the blink of an eye. My oldest going off to college was a big shock to me. I savor the time with our three high-school daughters. The song “Don’t Blink” reminds me not to miss the good stuff!

How do you stay fit and healthy?
I’m a dedicated gym rat, doing a lot of HIIT training, but my real love is the road bike. The guys at Cycology Bike Shop in Hiram have been fantastic supporters of all of my crazy cycling dreams. My trainer, Max Nazaire at Fit2DMax, challenges me to be my best physically, mentally and spiritually. He has become an incredible blessing in my life.

Who supports you in being your “best self”?
I am nothing but the sum total of those who have influenced my life. My best accomplishment is by far my 27-year (and counting) marriage with my wife, Tracy—my partner and best friend. Our church family at St. Teresa’s helps me stay grounded. And, of course, my co-host of 17 years, Taylor Scott. She always challenges me to keep growing as a broadcaster and a person, and show the “welcoming heart of God” every day.

What’s your favorite way to give back to the community?
My job gives me the privilege to be involved with charities like MUST Ministries, Cross International and Food for the Poor, for whom we’ve worked for over 15 years. We have raised over $2 million for their efforts in the Caribbean, helping build fishing villages all over Jamaica.

In 20 years, I would LOVE to still be in broadcasting, still connecting with and encouraging people. If not that, then I’d love to be a Walmart Greeter. I’m not kidding. I’d get to interact with lots of people every day and bring a smile to their faces … perfect.

How do you maintain some life balance?
It’s a constant battle of priorities, but I continue to learn the ways to identify things that are going to be the highest, best use of time and have the greatest impact.

Do you have advice for those not yet over 40?
Life is an unfolding adventure no matter what age. Don’t get wrapped up in what society tells you; focus on being the person that God wants you to be and you’ll be fulfilled. That’s what we want at any age, isn’t it—fulfillment, joy, contentment and a sense of purpose. So ignore age, embrace YOU!

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