Amanda HairAmanda Hair has always loved all things beauty and fashion, but as she honed in on a career as a stylist, her colleagues at Bob Steele Salon saw something else in her. And the rest is a long, stylish history.

Tressed for the Top

“I knew I could provide more value supporting our talent rather than being the talent after many years of watching the skill, care and passion our stylists take with each client in their chair,” says Hair, now the owner and CEO of Bob Steele Salon.

Running a top brand in the industry, she focuses mostly on attracting and retaining top talent. She’s helped solidify Bob Steele Salon’s reputation and ability to grow through managing the operational systems and by hiring people who t the culture and core values. She also invests in training stylists, managers, guest relations and administrators to execute the services Bob Steele provides.

“Our continuous education courses help our stylists shine and nd what truly fuels their passions,” says Hair, motivated by her drive to impact women and their professional growth. “I love forming connections with the team and seeing them create relationships with their peers and clients.”

Her philosophy for harboring those connections? Each voice is equally important, there’s power in numbers and collaboration is key. Now in her nineteenth year at Bob Steele Salon, Hair loves her job more than ever—something clients can see and feel from their own experience inside the stylists’ chair (and at home, in the mirror).

Building the Best

Amanda Hair and the team at Bob Steele Salon“We [purposely] hire people who live our core values in and out of
the salon and are truly caring and relatable,” says Hair. “[Our stylists receive] education and training from successful, in-house educators before they even touch a paying client for the first time,” ensuring our newer talent is watching and learning from the best.

The best delivers the best, including keeping their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends by offering color hazing, feather extensions, babylights and balayage in addition to expert traditional cuts and color services. In addition, clients enjoy fringe benefits including complimentary bang trims and brow tinting with paid services, a retail rewards program, convenient online and mobile booking, and access to top salon products.

Selfies popping up on clients’ social media pages after a visit are a big motivator for Hair, but she’ll tell you that the most satisfying part of her job is watching her “creatives” grow during their tenure with the company. It’s a passion that continues to fuel her drive to give both employees, and therefore clients, the very best.

The content for this article is brought to you by Bob Steele Salon. 

Bob Steele Salon
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Dr. Monte D. Slater

Dr. Monte D. Slater

There are many scary rumors to face when it comes to improving the way you look. But for metro Atlantans, Dr. Monte Slater, who is double board-certified in OB-GYN and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, debunks the lot and redefines what it means to want to look younger. With a big heart for patients and a philosophy founded in quality treatment and customer service, he’s been changing lives for almost 13 years.

Younger-Looking Truth

Dr. Slater sees every day how men and women age 40 and beyond are wanting to look younger but they can’t afford the time off for surgery, and so they turn to him for his expertise in nonsurgical alternatives and anti-aging procedures that require little to no downtime. He offers, for example, a CO2 laser peel after which patients can wear makeup and be back at work the next day! Dr. Slater can tighten, lighten and brighten their faces, and the results, as well as his patients’ boost of confidence, is incredible. He is constantly receiving feedback from clients, especially those in the corporate world who are competing with younger colleagues, about how happy they are with the work he does to help them achieve their desired goals.

Dr. Slater’s practice is centered around enchancing a patient’s natural appearance rather than changing it. And that means staying on the cutting edge of current treatments while sifting through what really works and what doesn’t. Which is just one of the things that makes his work at Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging stand out.

“At ABS Clinic, we strive to provide top-quality service not only in treatments, but also in the overall experience that patients receive from our entire team,” says Dr. Slater. “Our staff is amazing and fun. It’s a very happy environment, and I think patients feel very welcome and comfortable.”

Slater TeamTrending Toward Technology

Having a finger on the pulse of new technology also plays a big role in being able to deliver great results. The office employs, for instance, treatments using the Discovery Pico Laser for tattoo removal, the Subnovii Plasma Pen for reducing deep lines and Hydrafacials to promote cell stimulation. Another treatment combining the Vivace/CoolPeel performed using high-energy radio-frequency energy with gold standard C02 skin resurfacing requires only one day of downtime. Each new procedure helps patients see better results without being invasive.

Furthermore, says Dr. Slater, “There are so many new pharmaceutical-grade, scientifically grounded skin care products available that use advanced technology for better penetration into the skin, that better stimulate regenerative cells and that accelerate the release of your own healing growth factors, reversing years of sun damage and aging.”

A Renaissance Man

When Dr. Slater isn’t busy taking care of his patients, he likes to hang out at Maple Street Guitars, where he says “the people are friendly and they let me play around with my dream guitars.” He also enjoys partaking in the British cuisine and culture at The Ship & Anchor Pub in Sandy Springs, and taking in concerts with Gail, his wife of 40 years. “We share a love for music and are avid rockers,” he notes.

The content for this article is brought to you by Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging.

SANDY SPRINGS: (770) 777-7707, 4840 Roswell Rd. NE. Bldg. D #100 Atlanta, GA 30342

WARNER ROBINS: (478) 225-2379, 400 Corporate Pte. Warner Robins, GA 31088

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Suzanne Cypert in a red blazer with long blond hairSuzanne Cypert has been in the health and fitness industry since she graduated from college. Realizing she could help people feel better, look better and perform better for a living was all it took to pursue turning a passion into a career. Now, as general manager of the Concourse Athletic Club in Sandy Springs, she exercises that passion by inspiring wellness through a complete fitness experience for her clients—and it’s changing the way people view their gym experience.

Knowing Your Needs

Exercise was a way of life for Cypert’s family growing up. So the fact that there are so many people in today’s world who are unconditioned and inactive stays at the forefront of her mind.

“People just don’t know how good they would feel if they incorporated wellness into their lives,” she says. “Each person is different and, therefore, [Concourse has] a multitude of amenities and programs that will fit their profile. We go one step beyond and engage with them through their entire experience.”

According to Cypert, everything you’re capable of doing to improve your overall well-being, which is probably more than you think, is up to you. Understanding that is the first step to a healthier and happier life.

kickboxing class at Concourse Athletic ClubAt Concourse, Cypert and her staff preach five steps to discovering that version of you.

It begins with mindfulness, an integral part of wellness and happiness, that refers to understanding how your emotions are connected to your physical state.

Secondly, getting moving aids in creating that better state of being. Simple things such as choosing to take the stairs or parking farther away make a difference.

Next is being consciously aware of what you eat and drink, which not only changes your physiological function, but can also alter your mood. Understanding how your system works is essential to getting the most out of what you consume.

Adults and children ></a>Fourth, the simple act of giving back can increase feelings of self-love and soul- satisfaction.</p>
<p>Lastly, regular checkups and physical exams highlight areas that may need attention and emphasize great results from healthy habits.</p>
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Real Results

_C4A8338Cypert and her team know this process works because they can tangibly see their clients’ results.

“We get to witness the feeling people get when they know they’ve accomplished their goals,” says Cypert. “The most satisfying part of my job is seeing people improve their lives and inspiring them to continue to live their best lives. I’ve heard the statement ‘This place saved my life’ numerous times in my career. It’s the best thing in the world!”

The content for this article is brought to you by Concourse Athletic Club.

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