SoulCycle AtlantaLoved by celebrities such as Madonna, the indoor cycling sensation, SoulCycle, has opened its first Georgia location in the Shops Around Lenox. At the 56-bike studio, attendees can hop on for a high-energy 45-minute ride that incorporates hand weights and core-engaging choreography. You won’t need coffee after a 7 a.m. class with Lorenzo!

Details: 3400 Around Lenox Dr., Atlanta;

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Want to see your workout results through more than just your reflection in the mirror? If so, try a 40-second full-body scan at Next Age Fitness. Comparable to a
BOD POD® test, this Fit3D device can provide information about body-fat percentage, posture, and more.

Details: $25,1610 Lavista Rd. NE., Atlanta;

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Shepherds MenFor many soldiers, the battle doesn’t end once they return home from deployment. That’s why The Shepherd Center offers a rehabilitation program called SHARE Military Initiative that provides assessment and treatment for veterans who have sustained traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. On May 28, cheer on the fundraising and awareness arm of the initiative, Shepherd’s Men, as they complete the final leg of a seven-day run (covering 22K daily) starting in Chicago and ending in Atlanta to raise awareness for the 22 veterans’ deaths that occur by suicide each day in the U.S.


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Sapelo Skin CareStephanie Duttenhaver and Cindy Edwards struggled to find natural products for their sensitive skin, so the Georgia moms created their own. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue, the cruelty-free cleansers, masks and more by Sapelo Skin Care are free of parabens, sulfates, and silicones. A fan favorite is the Milk & Honey Body Lotion, made with chamomile, milk peptides, and honey—a perfect combo for hydrating the skin.

Details: $65,

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Fidget SpinnerFidget spinners, a ball-bearing toy that rotates between the fingers, have become a trendy coping tool for kids with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, and autism. However, they are often banned from schools for being a distraction. But according to the education advocates at Brain Balance Achievement Centers, silent alternatives such as kneaded erasers, sand-filled stress balls, chair rubber bands, or doodling can work just as well.


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GroupAccording to 11Alive, over 65,000 people in Georgia sustain a brain injury annually. Once treated, most individuals return home to a dramatically different life. Enter the
Side by Side Brain Injury Clubhouse, Inc.  At the nonresidential clubhouse, volunteer members who have endured a traumatic brain injury use their skills to help keep the clubhouse running by assisting with administrative, kitchen, or maintenance tasks. This model ensures that people with mental disabilities have a place to support each other, find and keep jobs, and live out their lives at home instead of in institutions.

Details: 1001 Main St., Stone Mountain;

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Alexis Lowery“No pain, no gain” is a harmful tagline for a healthy lifestyle. If pushing through pain progresses to a more severe injury, it can lead to the derailment of your fitness journey. Pain while working out is not normal. It is a warning sign that you are loading your muscles or joints improperly, explains Alexis Lowery, PT, DPT, OCS of Atlanta Physical Therapy. Physical therapists are clinically trained movement specialists equipped to keep your gains on track without pain.


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SharecareThe Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club has partnered with local digital health company, Sharecare, to promote a healthier city. Created by WebMD founder Jeff Arnold and Dr. Oz, Sharecare is an easy-to-use digital platform and app that helps individuals manage their health. Users can upload data and track health patterns such as stress, sleep, and blood pressure and receive tips for making positive changes. Throughout the upcoming season, look for the Sharecare logo on Hawks’ jerseys!


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Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Alison O’Neil at It’s Your Skin for the second round of my No-Peel Peel. I was so pleased with my first session and couldn’t wait to see the results from round two. To learn more about my first No-Peel Peel, click here. The great thing about this treatment is how quick it is! Don’t get me wrong, I love a long luxurious facial complete with a hand and shoulder massage but I don’t always have the time. Alison had me in and out in about 30 minutes and when I left, my skin looked completely normal.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 4.28.25 PM

One of the most noticeable improvements, for me, was how much smaller my pores appeared. Often a facial will help with this, but the pore-shrinking benefits of this treatment seem to last longer. Once again, Alison was great about answering all of my questions and going the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable throughout the treatment. Thank you, Alison for making my skin fresh and dewy, just in time for spring!


Details: 404.256.7520. 5555 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. Ste. 135. Atlanta, GA 30342.


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Spa SydellSpa Sydell is back and under new ownership! The refreshed brand will offer traditional spa treatments along with results-driven aesthetic options such as the HydraFacial®, microneedling, and more. Retreat to its brand-new 3,400-square-foot Perimeter Place location complete with eight spa suites and a lounge with a tranquil fountain.

Details: 4520 Olde Perimeter Way, Dunwoody;

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