Pantry Takeover’s Janell Sycks Gives Her Best Adivce

Sycks, Janell_cred Richie ArpinoJanell Sycks from Pantry Takeover is here to share her best advice to reduce stress about food.

What is the most common food-related stressor people experience?

Most of my clients struggle with trying to properly plan out their weekly meals. If we do not plan ahead of time, we end up stressed out, in a fast food drive-through and overeating foods that are harmful to us.

How cam people reduce food stress? 

Preparation is key to preventing stressful meal times – never wait until 6 p.m. to determine what you will have for dinner. Instead, every Saturday or Sunday, dedicate time to plan and shop for your meals.

How do you minimize food stress? 

I set aside 20 minutes each Saturday morning to search for new recipes and ideas. I use healthy food blogs, Pinterest and Facebook to inspire me to and show me new ways to use my favorite foods.

What phrase or quote can help people put their eating habits into perspective? 

“You are what you eat so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake!” – Author unknown

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