Racing for a Cause

By Alexandra McCray

kylePEASE (1)

The world’s largest 10K, also known as the Peachtree Road Race, will feature something extra special this year thanks to Infinity Yoga and Lululemon Athletica Shops Around Lenox. The companies are partnering to sponsor The Peachtree Road Race Showdown, an Independence Day philanthropy fundraiser for The Kyle Pease Foundation.

By providing wheelchairs, racing equipment, travel accommodations and more, the Kyle Pease Foundation works to improve the lives of disabled people through sports. “KPF acknowledges that it takes an army to make things happen especially with such debilitating disabilities like cerebral palsy,” says Becky Nickerson, Infinity Yoga founder.

The showdown will feature Team Infinity Yoga represented by Matt Shechtman versus Team Kyle Pease Foundation represented by KPF founder Brent Pease as they race to see which team will finish first. This isn’t your average team race though—both Matt and Brent will be pushing their teammates, Justin Knight and Kyle Pease who suffer from cerebral palsy, as they run the full Peachtree distance.

While Brent and Matt may both share a love for endurance sports, their teammates are just as driven to win as they are. “The real athletes are Justin and Kyle. Those two are competitive, which is actually fun to watch. They have found a place to feed their competitive spirit, and Matt and Brent are along for a FAST ride on race day,” says Becky Nickerson.

Kyle has finished both the Ironman Wisconsin and Ironman Florida. Brent already has completed two marathons and won the GA Public Half Marathon in March. The two recently completed the Eagleman Half Ironman together.

“These guys [Justin and Kyle] met at Buffalo Wild Wings in 2011 and have been friends on and off the course since then. They have shared a ton of miles together, and the next 6.2 are going to be thrilling,” says Becky Nickerson.

To support the Kyle Pease Foundation and “bet” on which team you think will win, visit their website.

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