Rashid Numi from Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture Gives His Best Advice

Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture’s President and CEO Rashid Numi is here to give you his best advice about how to garden in any amount of space.

Rashid Numi

Q: How should a first-time gardener begin?

A: Pick a sunny location (preferably with southern exposure) with water readily available and soil prepared with compost. Plant crops you will eat and enjoy and that will do well in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 7 or 8, where Metro Atlanta is located.

Q: How can seasoned gardeners revamp their garden this year? 

A: Restore the soil to its natural health by adding compost and other organic materials. They will provide ongoing nourishment for your plants.

Q: How can someone garden in a small space? 

A: You can grow in a square-foot plot in the ground or in containers on your patio, porch or kitchen window – just grow something. If you only grow some herbs for your kitchen, that’s enough.

Q: What plants are the easiest to use in home cooking? 

A: Let taste be your guide. Most vegetables are delicious in raw salads, lightly steamed or oven-roasted. Try fresh mint leaves and gingers in a glass of green tea, or basil leaved in a salad or tomato sandwich.

Q: What can Atlanta gardeners plant right now?

A: This time of year, you can plant things with seeds – cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, okra, peppers and more. Enjoy Atlanta’s extended growing seasons!



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