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Permanently reducing up to 25% of stubborn fat in just 25 minutes…too good to be true?  SculpSure, the latest technological advancement in body contouring, makes it possible.  “Almost everyone, even those who exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, can have localized areas of stubborn fat.  To be able to reduce that area nonsurgically with a treatment that’s fast, safe, comfortable, effective, and with no downtime is a game-changer,” says Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker.

“One of the focuses of my practice is offering the latest technology for nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedures as well as my Signature surgical procedures.  Atlanta Face and Body was the FIRST plastic surgery center to bring SculpSure to Atlanta and is one of only a handful of SculpSure providers in metro Atlanta.”   As a light-based treatment, SculpSure preferentially heats the fat  cells to the target temperature that destroys them, so the fat loss is permanent. Over time, the body eliminates them with results evident in 6-12 weeks. Individual results may vary but the satisfaction rate in studies is over 90%.

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SculpSure has been featured on “The Doctors,” “Dr. Oz,” and “Real Housewives.”  “Life is hectic, and finding downtime sometimes is the hardest thing for people to do,” says Dr. Elizabeth.  “I have literally had patients go to the gym that afternoon or run a marathon that weekend after treatment!   Also with the speed of the treatment (25 minutes), I can treat more of your problem areas in a shorter amount of time.”   She also notes, “Like most technologies I choose for my practice, I and all of my staff have had the treatment…so we speak from personal experience not just statistics. I look forward to introducing more Atlantans to this breakthrough new technology.”

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