Seasonal Spotlight: Farm-Fresh Eggs

eggsThough you may not realize it, eggs are a seasonal food. During the short days of winter, chickens lay fewer eggs or stop altogether for a few weeks. Commercial farms cheat this natural rhythm by turning lights on in their chicken coops to create long, artificial days and boost egg production all year, but many smaller, family farms know their flocks need that healthy break. When springtime rolls around and the days get longer, local egg production naturally increases again. It’s time to get yourself some farm-fresh eggs!

Basic prep: Scrambled or sunny-side up, the rich color and taste of pastured eggs will make them the best you’ve ever tried.

Step it up: Eggs can vary widely in size – some even surprise you with a double yolk! Adjust accordingly for your favorite baking recipes.

Find it: For a closer look at the process, attend The Wylde Center’s Urban Coop Tour on March 28 and 29. You’ll see a variety of backyard flocks and chat with homeowners about keeping chickens in the city. Tickets are $20 in advance and available at


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