Seasonal Spotlight: Peas

BSA- Best BitesThey add texture and sweetness to almost any dish, and they are also an excellent source of many vital components of your diet, such as vitamins A, C, K, B6, folic acid, iron, fiber and more.

Basic prep: Denise Romeo, president of the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society and blogger at “We Like To Cook!” recommends blanching peas to release their best flavor. Start by rinsing the pods, opening them up and using your finger to pop the peas out of the pod. Add the shelled peas to a saucepan with about half an inch of boiling water. For best taste, Romeo says, “Simmer the peas over low heat about two to five minutes until they are just tender and bright green. Once cooked, drain excess water and coat the peas lightly in melted butter, or pop them into a spring salad with arugula, sliced radishes and freshly snipped mint.”

Step it up: Romeo says, “To really dress up your salads, try adding pea tendrils for an added element of texture and interest.” Pea tendrils are the climbing, leafy tops of the pea plant. Romeo adds, “Don’t throw away those empty pea pods. Add them to broth for an extra flavor of spring.”

Find it: Spring peas are available at most local farmers markets, including the Morningside Farmers’ Market. Shop every Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at 1393 N. Highland Ave., Atlanta, GA.

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