Sherri's August Best List

Isn’t it a bummer when you discover something you really like and then suddenly you can’t find it anymore? A favorite lipstick that is discontinued or a delicious dish at a favorite restaurant that suddenly disappears from the menu. Why does this happen?

Could it be you were the only one who thought so highly of these things or perhaps, it is a conspiracy to keep us from enjoying the good things we discover…hahaha. The items you will see each month on My Best List are chosen because they are things I personally enjoy. That is the only criteria.

I share My Best List with you because, perhaps you will like them too and they will (hopefully) be ours to enjoy for a long, long time!

Cobb Salad Lovers Rejoice! The Cobb Salad from Nancy G’s Café is healthy and absolutely delicious. The veggies are super fresh and something about the way they are chopped and presented with the fresh meats and cheeses makes it visually delightful. It comes with mixed field greens, green bell pepper, diced tomato, onion (which I usually say, hold!), cucumber, egg, cheese, ham, turkey and whatever dressing you like on the side. I enjoy the red wine vinaigrette with a little fresh buttermilk ranch. Nancy G’s Café casual, neighborhood restaurant is the perfect laid back place to enjoy this healthy and filling dish.

Skinny Cocktail from The Big Ketch: The Pomegranate Mojito is the perfect “skinny cocktail” for hot summer days or nights! A splash of Bacardi rum, fresh lime and POM juice is only 124 calories. Combine this with a great patio and some music and you have a fabulous recipe for a relaxing summer evening.

Three Dot Skirt/Shorts: The Three Dot shorts with shirring detail are a must have staple for your summer wardrobe. Great for work or casual, you can dress them up or down. Comfortable and classic, I love mine and found them at Veronica’s Attic in Sandy Springs. The cost is $72 at

Enhancing Glycolic Body Wash: Your skin will tingle from head to toe with this body wash from Institut’ DERMed. This product is formulated with Shea Butter and Glycolic Acid to soften skin and clear away rough patches. This product is a one of a kind body treatment using glycolic acid traditionally in products only for the face. Like the facial product it aids in smoothing rough skin and restoring glow all over. It was specially formulated by Lynn Ross and sold exclusively at Institut DERMed. The cost is $58.

Staff Pick:Patti Stephens
Merrell Sandals

I love my Merrells!  I have four or five pairs but these are by far my faves!  I can wear them for hours and even made it through the day at Six Flags with my 12-year-old son.  Just about every time I wear them someone says “Oh, I like those! Where did you get them?”  They are even better than being barefoot. Women’s – Land Sandal – Style: Freesia, $80. Visit for Atlanta retailers.

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One Response to Sherri's August Best List

  1. Sherry Hart says:

    Yea Nancy G’s!!! I love her food also:). Will have to try everything else on your list.

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