Sherri's Best List: A Resolution Reminder

Wow! What a year 2011 was! As I attended my son’s graduation from The University of Georgia a few weeks ago, I was inspired by the words of the ceremony honor grad speaker.

Very simply put, the message to the young adults was to go out and really live life. Don’t just go out there, get a job, make money and acquire things. He said it’s important to make sure the life you live is worth telling in a story. The way to make sure you live a life that is rich enough to make into a movie or write as a story is to touch the lives of others in a meaningful way.

It seems easy enough, but as we go through the daily grind we sometimes forget this simple and pure nugget of wisdom. So maybe we need to remember as we begin the New Year, instead of the standard lose weight, exercise more resolution, we can first resolve to do good for others. A little kindness and positive energy will help us all make 2012 the best year ever.

Here’s my January 2012 Best List!

GameDay Girl: These super-soft, vintage-style shirts are great for young girls and women of all ages. The GameDay Girl brand promotes the attitude and spirit in our daughters, in our mothers, in our sisters and in our friends… the spirit that lives in all of us. The shirts represent sports and active living while promoting patience, passion and strength through inspirational messages printed on them. Details: $44. Available locally by contacting Jennifer at (678) 778-7098 or visit

My Face Case: A while ago I had a jewelry bag in this design and was thrilled to find a makeup bag like this. It is designed as a big circle that closes with a drawstring. When you open it, the bag lays flat and has lots of different, clear pockets for organizing makeup and toiletries. I love it because you can easily see what you have without having to dig into a black hole. Great for the gym or travel. Details: $29. (404) 569-9190,

CO2 Snowball Peel/Facial: I recently had this skin treatment done by Jill Barron at Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa. I could immediately feel and see the difference. Skinceuticals Micropeel: A three-step exfoliation procedure designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, laxity, dullness, and skin imperfections, with little or no down time. This peel can be performed every two weeks when skin correction is desired. The three steps are”

  1. Dermaplaning – the dermaplaning tool exfoliates to remove dead skin and facial hair, and allows for better penetration of the chemical solution.
  2. Chemical Exfoliation – Chemical solution is chosen based on each individual patient’s skin and their needs.
  3. CO2 Cryogenic Therapy – Liquid CO2 is molded into a “snow” ball, wrapped in gauze and then dipped into acetone. The “slush” is then lightly swiped over the face. Cryotherapy has been used in dermatology for more than 25 years. The CO2 slush feels great, is anti-inflammatory and increases cell turnover. With multiple treatments, the skin becomes more luminous and radiant from smoother texture and increased cell turnover.

Details: Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa,, (770) 952-2100, ext. 3

Staff Pick: Carmen Koehler

Breville Panini Grille: My husband bought this for me a couple of years ago at Williams-Sonoma and it is the most used appliance in our kitchen. We use it all the time to make healthy, delicious sandwiches such as oatmeal bread with avocado, sliced deli turkey, dijon, tomato and onion. All I have to do is keep the ingredients in our fridge and pantry. Details:

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