Sherri's February Best List: Our Best Self Community Celebrates!

With spring just around the corner, we are preparing to celebrate the third anniversary of Best Self Atlanta. Our first issue of the magazine debuted in March of 2009. Since then we have connected experts, business owners, and more importantly, you, our readers to create a community of individuals who aspire to live a healthy, fulfilling life, rich with purpose and passion.

Despite the challenges presented by today’s economic marketplace, our Best Self community has grown! Best Self Atlanta magazine is now distributed to more than 2500 locations throughout Atlanta. It is also direct mailed to over 1200 medical office waiting rooms and showcased at numerous charitable events throughout each year. And we are connecting way beyond the pages of the magazine… our website has over 30,000 pages of Google-indexed content and thousands of visitors connecting with Atlanta’s experts on an ongoing basis. Every day we are communicating with thousands through social media (our daily blog, Twitter, and nearly 4000 Facebook fans) and continue to host and sponsor many fun, informative and inspiring events like 40 Beads, with author Carolyn Evans, Ultimate Girls Night Out, From Hot Flash to Just Hot, Beauty on a Budget, and more.

This month, we kick off our annual Over 40 & Fabulous! Contest. To connect with us beyond the pages and receive invitations to our events and e-newsletters, join us on Facebook and/or send us your email address to [email protected] We have an exciting year planned with more great ways to help you live your best life!

Dazzl Jewelry Boutique – If you love designer jewelry like David Yurman and John Hardy, but not-so-much the price, you have got to check this place out! The store is a testament to its name. When you walk in the door, everything is dazzling. High quality and sterling silver designs including, bracelets, watches, necklaces, belts, bags…you name it. Designer-inspired pieces that look and feel like the real deal at a fraction of the price. Run by wonderful women who know their stuff. Details: (404) 883-3461,, 206A Johnson Ferry Road, Sandy Springs

Ace Hardware – Readers for $3.99 – one of the best deals in town…if you have over 40-challenged eyesight and need readers…Ace is the place. Great designs, good quality and you can buy 10 pairs and have them everywhere for your convenience.

Good Fortune Elements Spray – Sandalwood Lavendar-this spray’s ingredients include distilled water, witch hazel, essential oils and can be sprayed on bedding, in your car, room and even on you. It is designed to relax your mood, soothe the spirit and even help you sleep better. Very light clean fragrance. Details: Available at High Country Outfitters,
Staff Pick: Sara Young
Vita-Prana Yoga Studio
One of my New Year’s resolutions was to try a yoga class, so I showed up bright and early at Vita-Prana Yoga Studio in Smyrna. Since I’ve never taken yoga before, I was a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I can barely touch my toes let alone do any of the other poses. My fears were quickly put aside as I was greeted at the door by the owner, Vita. She recommended I start with a Hatha yoga class, which would be best as a beginner. The teacher, Cheryl, made me comfortable with her friendly demeanor. The class was both challenging and relaxing, and the studio was very quiet and peaceful.  By the end of the class I was nice and limber and felt great. Now I’m hooked! They also offer aerial yoga, but I’ll try that one when I can finally touch my toes.
Details: (404) 319-8144,

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