Simple Life Success Rx: A Daily Dose of Dance

Guest Blogger: Lisa Michaels

There’s a tribal saying, “If you can move, you can dance.” Dance is something we all have in common, like a heartbeat.  And like a heartbeat, dance can help you come alive and activate your dreams, integrating and energizing them internally and externally.

Dance is a natural expression of emotion for us all. Toddlers dance to enlivening music, dogs dance when their “peeps” come home, our hearts dance with joy, and even leaves and trees dance in the wind. Dance can be structured, certainly. Yet the most natural dance of the body is what I would call “expressive or conscious dance” – movements that are inspired from within.

If you want to free your thinking, increase your creativity, free a block in your life, or fully enliven your creations, you literally need to move in new ways. Finding new movements shifts your energy. Riding the rhythmic musical wave while dancing moves you into a trance state, allowing access to inner realms and awareness not found in your ordinary reality. Dance can be used for increasing personal expression, opening to creative insight, connecting to the Divine within, and accessing deep levels of soul transformation.

Because your body forms the container for your personal connection to all of the elements, when you rhythmically move it, with conscious intent, you are literally moving all the elemental realms at once, which activates your intention. With rhythmic movement you activate: 1) your earthen physical container, 2) your watery emotional energy, 3) your mental air realm, 4) your fiery life force, and 5) your spiritual soul essence expression. Comprising the fundamental forces – Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit – your body provides you with a portal to the core essence of creation.

While consciously creating your life requires planning, making choices, releasing blocked emotions, taking action, and staying focused, there is one easy thing that you can do every day to energize your success…DANCE.

Natural Rhythms expert Leslie Clayton from Body Awareness Studio says, “The elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire are moving through our bodies like rivers, waves, and/or energy currents. When these energies are in balance and moving freely, that blissful yummy feeling is there, too. Spirit is dancing between and through the elements to unite us in oneness.

Your body is the doorway into your wholeness. As you begin to trust your body’s wisdom, and you respond to that wisdom with techniques that help the body release and align, life becomes more fun and easier. You don’t have to travel the globe or seek out gurus to become enlightened. You have everything within you.”

Without movement and the fiery energy it creates, the physical body becomes stagnant and lacks life force. Dance provides an exceptional way to ignite your life force and generate energy. As a teacher/facilitator, this is hands-down the most potent workshop tool I use to help people clear old energies, activate their creation intentions, and integrate anything they’ve learned. Even though I appreciate and love many other forms of movement and lots of other facilitation tools, for me dance provides the most powerful and consistent results.

So, if you want to keep your energy clear, your success vitalized, your creations enlivened, and your feminine essence nourished, then get in a daily dose of DANCE! Honestly, it only needs to be five minutes and this Natural Rhythms life success Rx will really boost your creation power.

About Lisa Michaels

Natural Rhythms Institute President

Celebrated elemental wisdom teacher and author, Lisa Michaels teaches you how to connect with the profound power of Nature so you can dramatically increase your ability to successfully thrive in every area of life. Recognized by Hay House Publishing as a Mover & Shaker, Lisa assists you in creating more personal and professional success in her products, workshops, and facilitator and coach trainings. In addition to this book, her most current products include the book Natural Rhythms, the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle, and the Elemental Forces of Creation Audio Book. Lisa’s work has helped thousands of people find keys to moving their lives and businesses forward by unlocking their natural growth potential.

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About Leslie Clayton

Leslie is passionate about helping women find strength, balance, and beauty. With more than 30 years of dance and exercise training, she uses physical and metaphysical exercises to assist her clients with body awareness. Leslie founded the first Pilates studio in Atlanta in 1993. Body Awareness Studio is currently the Georgia host site for Balanced Body Pilates Teacher Training. Leslie combines her compassion and expertise to develop conscious Pilates instructors. Leslie is also a Creation Life Coach with Natural Rhythms Institute and is committed to guiding people into their heart to use Divine Love to transform their lives.,,

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