Sporty Support

By: Susan Nethero 

Most of us are looking for long-term benefits of exercise, but many women don’t recognize the harm that results from a bouncing, unsupported bust. Breasts need support.

Eighty percent of doctors recommend sports bras to reduce stress on the breast ligaments, but also to delay the long-term sagging of breasts. Breasts without proper support move up and down four to seven inches in a figure-eight pattern – ouch! Being properly fitted in the correct size and style will reduce that uncomfortable breast movement up to 74 percent.

Many sports bras “support” through compression – simply pressing the breasts against the chest wall. This results in each breast moving as a solid block, and it damages root tissue at the base of the breasts, causing premature loss of elasticity. Finding the right sports bra that lifts and truly supports during exercise is crucial, but what should you look for in a good sports bra? Seamless Running Sports Bra

Cup size. Instead of a compression style sports bra, look for a sports bra with cup sizes. At Intimacy, cup-sized sports bras come in size B to H cup, with different styles designed for level of workout intensity.

A firm band. Ninety percent of support comes from a firm band to hold the bra in place, so be aware of the firmness of the band around the body.

Seams. Seamed support in the cup distributes the pressure and weight of the breasts.

Adjustable straps. When you’re doing rigorous exercise, you’ll want to tighten the straps more than if you’re just going for a walk.

Moisture-wicking fabric. Fabric that is anti-microbial is a good idea, too. These features will help prevent chafing and rashes underneath the breasts.

When you get the right style and the right fit, you will feel more confident no matter what workout you choose. Start supporting yourself today!



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