Susan Kerley, of Marietta Counseling for Children & Adults, Shares Her Best Advice

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Susan Kerley, of Marietta Counseling for Children & Adults, shares her best advice for parents of teens with ADHD.

What are some common myths associated with teen ADHD?

ADHD is a lifelong condition, yet there is often a sense that he/she will “grow out of it.”

How can parents tell if their teen is struggling with ADHD?

Chronic disorganization, lack of follow through, procrastination, fidgeting, interrupting, difficulty completing tasks requiring sustained concentration, and forgetfulness are all signs of possible ADHD.

If a teen is struggling with ADHD, how can parents support him/her?

Validate your teen’s emotions. Enlist your teen in problem solving and trying different things to help provide structure, organizational and coping skills that utilize and highlight their strengths.

What would you say to a teen with ADHD?

Your brain works differently than other brains! It is not better or worse, just different. The more you learn and understand how your brain works, the more you can develop an environment and organizational system that works for you, not against you.


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