Tadasana Festival- April 20-22,Santa Monica, California

By Anne-Marie Berte, Fit Girl, @am_sunshine

I was honored to be invited as a guest to the first ever Tadasana Festival April 20-22, in beautiful Santa Monica California.  A jam packed yoga festival (complimenting Earth Day), full the best of the best yoga teachers, 60 of them from across the country, incredible musical performances, healthy, organic, vegan, energized food and drink vendors and over 60 retail vendors all located on the beach.

For me, this was a transformational event. To be surrounded by so many like-minded individuals centered on health and wellness was a complete joy- but also the peaceful, loving energy that was felt the moment I walked into the Tadasana Village.  There were five themed yoga tents to participate in yoga and musical events.  Classes were full, spirits high and definitely challenging practices for all levels of yoga.  Being classes led by world-renowned yoga teachers Shiva Rea, Tommy Rosen and Cristi Christensen to name a few, was amazing.

I pushed myself to get into positions I have never tried before, but felt safe and secure as the teachers guided us to go beyond and even assisted in spotting. One of my favorite moments was getting into a handstand, something I have always wanted to do and hold on my own almost got to the point (with the exception of the extremely attractive male yogis fist between my thighs that I was told to squeeze between my thighs)… definitely worked and kept me in my inversion.  Did I mention how great inversions are for blood flow, lymph system and anti-aging? I definitely feel more alert and present after doing inversions.

The event offered a common area between all the tents where people could connect, eat, hang out and share stories about their yoga experiences, life, work… you name it. I met so many interesting people and left filled up, grounded and ready to take on more yoga!

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