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In 2003, Dr. Ken Anderson discovered the field of hair restoration surgery as the perfect combination of his love for both art and medicine. He left the field of facial reconstructive surgery and has since worked to change both lives … Continue reading

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ANNE CEASE, RN ANDERSON AESTHETICS WWW.ANDERSONAESTHETICS.COM When most people hear filler they think of ladies and their lips, but that is only a small part of what filler can do. More and more men are choosing to have treatments with … Continue reading

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DANIEL LEE, MD, FACS ANDERSON CENTER FOR HAIR WWW.ANDERSONAESTHETICS.COM Daniel Lee, MD, FACS, is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and a tenured surgeon at Anderson Center for Hair. His expertise with the ARTAS® robotic hair … Continue reading

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The delicate approach of Dr. Daniel J. Lee doesn’t disappear after a procedure has ended. This seasoned surgeon emphasizes the emotional and physical comfort of his patients through every phase of the hair restoration process. At the original Anderson Center … Continue reading

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As the practice administrator of Anderson Aesthetics, Courtney Pantelis helps patients feel like the most beautiful versions of themselves. Below she talks RF and its collagen-boosting benefits. Q: What is RF? A: RF stands for radio frequency. It is a … Continue reading

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