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By Lisa Perez, M.D. If your parents or grandparents received treatment for their varicose veins in years past, you might have heard horror stories about painful vein stripping and long recovery periods. Many people with venous disease avoided being evaluated … Continue reading

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VEINAtlanta Drs. Louis Prevosti, James Fonger and Keith Moore work diligently to provide a thorough diagnosis and complete treatment plan for your venous disease, from tiny spider veins to complex varicose veins. They are dedicated to providing personalized treatment and … Continue reading

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VeinInnovations and local beauty brand Sally B’s Skin Yummies have partnered to create a new and natural way to moisturize and improve your legs’ appearance. VIrx ($35) cream is rich in healing ingredients such as coconut oil, organic shea butter … Continue reading

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By David A. Martin, RN, President/CEO, VeinInnovations Mother’s Day inspires a look at the connections between heredity, pregnancy and the pain, heaviness, swelling and restlessness associated with venous insufficiency. While most people think spider and varicose veins are a cosmetic … Continue reading

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