Team HOT Widow Gets Healthy and Happy

Mishael Porembski founded Team HOT Widow in Atlanta after she became a widow in April of 2007. She sought support to help her through a difficult time but had trouble finding the right support group for her, so she created one. She turned her tragic experience into hope for other women in her community by founding this organization dedicated to “helping widows become Healthy, Optimistic, and Thriving (HOT) through the pursuit of a common goal.”

L-R: Dana Greene, Sandra Karem, Blair Andrews, Stacy Flood, Mischael Porembski, Natalie Simons, Marni Ratner, Tonya Pringle, Tara McLain

Here’s a Q & A with Mischael about her experience:

How has creating Team HOT Widow changed your life?

It has changed my life for the better! Now I have a posse of women who understand my journey. Being a widow, especially with children, can feel very isolating. I really needed to find other active widows who understood what I was going through. I went to area grief groups, which I found quite helpful. Though being an active person, I really wanted to find an adventurous, health-centric, outdoor-oriented support group. I couldn’t find one, so I put one together. Actually, being a part of this group has been a great part of my own healing journey.

What is the best part about being a HOT Widow?
The knowledge that I am not alone and that life together can be fun! When I first became a widow, I felt so overwhelmed and exhausted that I forgot to take care of myself. The mission of Team HOT Widow is to empower widows and their families to craft a life they love.

When is your next event? And how can others get involved?
We enjoy fun outdoor activities together like hiking, zip-lining and white water rafting. You can find our schedule of events by visiting our website at

By Intisar Seraaj-Sabree

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