The Color Run Comes Through Atlanta

By Anne-Marie Berte

The Color Run Comes Through AtlantaOn Saturday March 31, over 10,000 Atlanta runners and walkers came out for The Color Run. It was a sea of white T-shirts at the start of this unique 5K race as everyone took their place at the starting line. Their white T-shirt uniform was a mandatory requirement for this fun race and at the end of The Color Run, they were anything but white!

Each kilometer of the event was associated with a designated color. 1K was yellow, 2K was blue, 3K was green, 4K was pink, and the 5K finish was a “color extravaganza.” As the runners and walkers hit the kilometer color run zones, they were showered with color dust by volunteers, sponsors and staff. The color is a special natural powder recipe of magical color dust. The dust is 100% natural and safe and feels like powdered sugar is being thrown at you (not that I have ever experienced that before!).

Piedmont Park was the finish line for this fabulous race event and while the thousands of participants were looking oh so bright and smiling from ear to ear, the streets were also doused with colored dust, leaving spectators in awe.

The Color Run in Atlanta benefited Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and varies city to city as to which charity it is tied to. What a great way to kick off a Saturday in Atlanta. It was so nice to see everyone smiling and active, enjoying the fun of it all while burning calories, making new friends and raising money and awareness for such a good cause.

For more information on upcoming races in Atlanta, make sure to visit Best Self’s online calendar.

Anne-Marie is inspired to help others lead more balanced lives through education and the promotion of wellness based programs. Following her passion for health and wellness, she became a Certified Personal Trainer and has played upon those strengths in her various professional positions of sales/marketing in the fitness and spa industry, fitness based events and corporate wellness programs.
Follow her on Twitter: @am_sunshine

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