The Nutrition Source, LLC Jeanne McDaniel Gives Her Best Advice

Jeanne McDanielJeanne McDaniel from The Nutrition Source, LLC shares her best advice for smart snacking.

What is a healthy number of snacks for kids? 

A good rule is for a child (and adults) to eat every two to four hours. For most children this will mean two snacks per day.

What are you favorite easy, healthy snacks for kids?

I always recommend that a snack be a healthy carbohydrate with a protein source, and the less processed, the better – no artificial flavorings or colorings. Some examples are carrots or other veggie sticks with hummus, fruits with nuts or seeds, or organic popcorn with a piece of string cheese.

What if kids always seem to want a snack?

If children are asking to eat more often than every two hours, then a parent should try to figure out if the child is just bored or are they truly still hungry. My trick is to offer only a vegetable if they are complaining of hunger but have eaten within the past few hours. If they are truly hungry, then they will take my offer!

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