Career coach Hallie Crawford is here to give you her best advice on how to request holiday time off.

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How should employees request holiday time off?

Give them plenty of advance notice. Set a time to chat about it with your boss, as opposed to asking while passing the hallway.

What should employees avoid doing when asking for time off?

Don’t be vague about the time frame, and don’t ramble on about where you’re going. Focus on when you’ll be gone, how long, and have a plan for how your work will be handled in the meantime.

Is it important to look like a team player and avoid taking holiday time off?

You don’t have to completely avoid taking time off – everyone needs a break and balance in order to work effectively. To look like a team player, it’s more about asking for the time (not demanding it), doing so in advance (not last minute), and asking for it in the right way. If this is a busy time of year for your industry, you may stick around for the holiday but take time off before or after.

How can employees fully disconnect during the holidays?

Have a plan for yourself. Leave your phone in the hotel room during the day, turn it off at night – whatever you need to do to truly unplug.

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