Registered dietitian, Kristen Smith from WellStar is here to give you her best advice on healthy eating habits for the holiday season.

Smith, MS, RD, LD, Kristen_cred Kristen Smith

How do people’s eating habits change during this time of year?

Typically people’s schedules are busier, and they are not eating at their normal meal times. They are also confronted with increased food volume at work or social gatherings.

What unhealthy culprits are to blame for holiday weight gain?

Butter-filled desserts or cream-based casseroles are served in abundance during the holiday season.  Often, people are not accustomed to eating these foods year round, so the extra calories can lead to weight gain.

What techniques can help people navigate holiday food choices? 

Do not completely avoid your favorite holiday treats – allow yourself a small portion. You can also contribute a healthier dish to a gathering by bringing a fruit salad or steamed vegetables with parmesan.

How can someone keep eating habits consistent through the holidays? 

Do not focus on just food at holiday gatherings – spend time socializing or dancing. Make sure to limit yourself to only one plate, and try to avoid the habit of grazing.

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