Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is open at Atlantic Station

This Titanic exhibition will be honoring the Centennial anniversary throughout the entire year of 2012. Theresa Nelson, public relations manager and Titanic spokesperson, provided Best Self with some insight about this exciting showcase.   

What can people expect from this exhibit? 
We are particularly excited about Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at Atlantic Station not only because it coincides with the Centennial anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, but also because we are unveiling quite a few never before seen components in this exhibition…Not only does the exhibition include 100 artifacts that have never been on display anywhere in the world, but we have also unveiled new connections of artifacts our historians and curator have been able to link to passengers, and 3D footage from the most recent expedition to the wreck site of Titanic is also making a debut in Atlanta. 

What is the most talked about artifact that will be on display?
The Atlanta Exhibition is the first exhibit that we have unveiled six artifacts that we are now able to connect to the first officer on Titanic, William Murdoch.  These artifacts include a dop-kit, a pipe, razor, long johns, button and shoe brush – these amazing objects help tell the story of one of the most influential people in the story of Titanic.

Why do you feel the Titanic continues to be a subject of great interest?
Here we are 100 years later and people are still fascinated by the story of Titanic.  I believe there are many reasons for this, but one of the main reasons would be that the story has all the elements of a classic Greek tragedy and is therefore timeless and transcends generations. No matter your interest, everyone can find some element of the life of Titanic to draw them in and inspire and captivate.    

What is your favorite artifact from the collection and why?
This question is nearly impossible to answer…every artifact that we have in our collection tells its own amazing story and represents either someone or something in the life of Titanic.  However, it is the personal effects of the passengers and crew members that resonate the most with me – the delicate spectacles, the gorgeous pieces of jewelry– really make you realize that these items belonged to people just like you and me, people with hopes and dreams that were either ended or forever altered by that fateful night 100 years ago.  These amazing artifacts are all that remain, and we can use them to tell their stories and continue the legacy of this great Ship and all who sailed with her for generations to come.


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