Top 10 Makeovers for Men: Hair Makeover

Richie Arpino

Richie Arpino




After making over Atlantans for nearly 40 years, it’s easy to see why Richie Arpino has made national headlines for his haute hairstyles. At Richie Arpino Salon in Buckhead, his clients, of which roughly 50 percent are men, turn to him to provide a hairdo that complements their personality, profession and much more.

Today, an increasing number of men are saying goodbye to big-box chops and hello to personalized cuts. When it comes to finding the perfect ’do for you, Arpino says, “Hairstyles are really determined by lifestyle, profession, and self- confidence.”

Even though Arpino believes that every haircut should be personalized to the man receiving it, he does offer a couple of rules of thumb for men dealing with gray or thinning hair:

Before and After Men's Haircut

Before and After Men’s Haircut

Don’t dye it all one color. When men start to notice gray hairs, their first instinct is to usually dye their hair all one color. Instead, sweep through “streaks” of darker color versus all over darker color, which can age men even more.

Do cut thinning hair shorter. While this seems counterintuitive, the closer cut makes thinning spots less prominent.

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