Trey Humphreys from Fur Bus Gives His Best Advice

Fur Bus Founder Trey Humphreys is here to give you his best advice about how to throw a great summer party. 

Trey Humphreys


Q: How does music contribute to a successful party? 

A: Music is the backbone of any party. There is no such thing as a party without music – that would simply be a meeting or horribly boring gathering. 

Q: What was the music like at the best bash you’ve ever attended? 

A: I attended the TomorrowWorld Music Festival last year in Georgia, which consisted of a billion DJs playing electronic dance music (EDM). The energy was insane, and I danced for hours even though I was clearly the oldest person there. 

Q: What are some tips to keep a party’s music budget manageable? 

A: Music on a budget s a phone or iPod playlist and some speakers.  A DJ will run you about $300 per event or $100 an hour as a rule of thumb. 

Q: If someone could pick only a handful of songs to play at a party, what would you recommend? 

A: Check out the app Fitradio, which has various types of DJ sets you can listen to for ideas, or find good Spotify playlists. For example, the playlist called “Today’s Top Hits” created by Spotify is a crowd pleaser. Thank me later, you partying fiends. 

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