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Judith R. Mckernan - Marvelou Impressions - BSA 0916Harnessing the power of focused ultrasound waves has been revolutionary in the nonsurgical arena to battle the signs of aging, uplifting and firming the brows, face, chinstrap and even other body parts as well.

Ultherapy® should be a part of every client’s ongoing treatment plan. This FDA-approved treatment targets the deep foundation of the skin and distributes heat that rejuvenates tired collagen.

Afterwards, you can expect mild swelling and minimal short team redness. Improvement begins as soon as 8 weeks, but optimal results are reached at 4 months and can last up to 3 years.

Securing a patient’s comfort during their procedure is my primary goal. My expert techniques allow me to use more energy at a higher level to achieve maximum results. You will see improvement after you Ultherapy®  because you receive a thorough treatment.


Masters of Makeover - Judith R. Mckernan - BSA 0916

Need a Brow Lift? Want a more Defined Jawline? Hate your wrinkled neck? Would you like a face “uplift” without surgery? Looking to maintain your facelift? We can customize your treatment to address  your concerns. In addition—I have treated sagging arms, thighs and loose skin above the knee and stomach with the game-changing technology.

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