Valerie Cobbin from Brighter Tomorrow Hypnotherapy gives her Best Advice

Brighter Tomorrow Hypnotherapy’s Valerie Cobbin is here to give you her best advice about toxic relationships.

Valerie Cobbin

How would you define a toxic relationship?

A toxic relationship is any relationship that is very negative in nature and drains your energy rather than boosts it.

What are the pitfalls of allowing a toxic relationship to continue?

The subconscious mind is always listening and recording everything, so a toxic relationship can cause you to act out negatively in future relationships.

Why do people allow toxic relationships in their lives?

People allow toxic relationships in their lives because of the fear of letting go of the relationship.

What is your advice for removing a toxic relationship from your life?

My advice for removing a toxic relationship form your life is that it is always best to deal with the problem and understand why you are attracting negative energy into your life.

Where can people go for support?

One of the best supports for people in a toxic relationship is prayer and meditation. Prayer affects the subconscious and allows deep emotional healing if asked for.

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