Valerie Cobbin from Brighter Tomorrow Hypnotherapy gives her Best Advice

Valerie Cobbin from Brighter Tomorrow Hypnotherapy is here to give you her best advice on dealing with guilt.

Valerie Cobbin, Brighter Tomorrow HypnotherapyQ: Are certain personalities more prone to feelings of guilt?

A: Anyone is susceptible to feelings of guilt. However, those who are analytical in their thinking are most susceptible to guilt because they tend to overanalyze events in their mind and replay them again and again.

Q: What do we need to recognize about guilt?

A: Guilt is a useless emotion. It serves no positive purpose because you cannot change the past. When you beat yourself up about the past, it affects the subconscious mind and leads to anxiety and depression.

Q: Are feelings of guilt associated with health ailments?

A: The subconscious mind directly affects the health of the body. Negative emotions such as guilt create negative energy in the subconcious mind, which can negatively program our bodies to develop diseases.

Q: What are the negative side effects of guilt?

A: Feeling guilty programs the subconscious mind to “act out” negatively, causing problems such as sadness, anxiety and depression.

Q: What is the best way to get rid of guilt?

A: Always remember that to err is human and that the Creator knows your deepest intentions. You can move past guilt by not allowing your mind to replay negative events and focusing on positive thoughts.

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