VeinInnovations: Get Scanned for Venous Insufficiency

Anti-aging services seem to be on everyone’s mind these days. A factor in keeping youthful energy and appearance is venous health. Heavy, hurting, restless legs are not a natural part of aging. About 50 percent of people age 50 and over have issues with venous insufficiency. A recent study on restless legs syndrome (RLS) and early death in men points to the importance of treatment.Best Health on Venous Insufficiency

In some cases, the valves in veins may not stay properly closed and blood that is supposed to be flowing up to the pulmonary system to be re-oxygenated instead flows backward and pools. This causes the heaviness, swelling, restlessness and, often, bulging, varicose and spider veins. What is surprising about venous insufficiency is all the ways the condition contributes to premature aging. Detailed brain imaging shows that people who do not get a good night’s rest have “older brains” than those of people who get seven or eight hours of sleep a night. RLS is one of the factors that prevents one in 10 Americans from enjoying a good night’s sleep.

While it is primarily a neurological disorder, some RLS is related to venous insufficiency. RLS has been linked to premature death in men, according to a recent study, so whether the RLS is neurological or related to venous health, it is important to seek treatment. Many more people find relief from this costly and irritating condition when they add a simple ultrasound scan for venous insufficiency as part of a routine doctor visit.

It is important to get this free scan in order to determine whether or not venous insufficiency is present.

A cosmetic ultrasound screening will help patients rule out or confirm venous insufficiency. A more detailed study is required if insufficiency is indicated. With this study and ultrasound guidance, our surgeons can then combine customized treatment plans and the latest techniques to restore circulation, often leading to almost “overnight” improvement in a patient’s ability to rest and enjoy a restored feeling of vitality.


~This Best Health post courtesy of David Martin, CEO/President RN, CRNFA, who founded VeinInnovations in 2002 as the first facility of its kind in Atlanta to offer every available technique for the treatment of venous insufficiency and varicose/spider veins. With four board-certified surgeons, two locations, and the latest RFA and laser equipment available, VeinInnovations is widely regarded as Atlanta’s leader in office-based, minimally invasive treatment of venous disease.


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