Wellness Wednesday with Sheri: The Secret to New Year's Weight Loss

Did you make a resolution last New Year’s Eve to lose weight this year? Have you achieved your weight loss goal?

Each year, losing weight is among the most popular resolutions that Americans make, yet many fail to achieve their goals.

A New Year’s resolution to lose weight may seem shallow at first. After all, shouldn’t we all be resolving to be better people? Make peace on earth? Spend time with friends and family?

But when you think about it, it’s not just our pants bursting at the seems that makes losing weight so appealing (although, that is definitely a part of it!). I believe for most Americans, it’s less about the way our body looks, but how our body feels. It’s about obtaining more energy so we can play with our grandchildren, getting our heart healthy so we can live longer and having the vitality to travel, see the world and pursue our passions.

Me and my mom - who lost 90 pounds!

Are you ready to make this the year you finally achieve your weight loss goals, once and for all, so you can live your life to the fullest? Listen up – I will tell you the secret to weight loss: If it didn’t grow, walk or swim, don’t eat it. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, porcini mushrooms don’t have the advertising budget some popular diets do. It can be easy to fall for clever marketing claims on foods that are not as healthy as they appear to be. Stick to whole foods. If you can’t see it swimming in the water, growing in the ground or walking around a farm, it’s likely not a real “food.” By reducing the amount of processed food you consume you’ll rid your body of unnatural toxins, additives, detrimental fats and calories.

This is the secret. Trust me. I helped my mom lose 90 pounds – and keep it off for seven years! And after years of working with people who struggle, this is what we’ve learned is at the root of success.

If you need help, email me. Let’s make this the year you truly embrace your best self.

Need help getting back on track? Sheri Oppenheimer is a health coach at Sweetgrass Spa and the Founder of The 100 Women Project, a healthy social network created by women, for women. To schedule a FREE holiday health makeover session with her ($125 value), call (404) 939-2299 or email Sheri at [email protected].

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One Response to Wellness Wednesday with Sheri: The Secret to New Year's Weight Loss

  1. Weightloss says:

    I just have been trying this since yesterday. Eating only organic ‘real’ food, less digestive problems already. Very helpful indeed.

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