Wellness Wednesdays with Sheri: Tips for Staying Healthy Even When Work is Crazy

Wellness Wednesdays with Sheri: Tips for Staying Healthy Even When Work is CrazyI know, I know. You can’t lose weight because your 50+ hour work week prevents you from eating a healthy breakfast (unless picking up donuts and coffee on the way to work counts as breakfast!), your cafeteria has delicious pizza you can’t resist, and there always seems to be a birthday celebration with that oh-so-delicious sheet cake right around 3 pm, exactly the time you are craving a cubicle break and a sweet snack.

The good news is many companies are incorporating increasingly more wellness programs in the workplace, because studies show that healthy employees not only have fewer sick days, but are also much more productive than employees who eat poorly and don’t exercise. This summer, Best Self Atlanta asked its readers to nominate the companies they thought embodied the spirit of health for their employees for Best Self Atlanta’s Healthiest Companies Contest. Click here to see which companies won, and see below for my top tips on how to stay happy and healthy throughout the work day.

  • Drink water. Most Americans are chronically dehydrated, and dehydration can cause energy loss, sugar cravings and moodiness. Before you go to sugar or caffeine, have a glass of water. Add lemons and limes to your water to make it more appealing, or try drinking seltzer if you need help increasing your water intake.
  • Prepare. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Apples and bananas are nature’s original 100 calorie packs. Throw a few in your bag in the beginning of the week so you have them at your desk when you need a snack.
  • Go food shopping on Sunday. Fill your house with fresh, whole food on the weekends, so during the week you’re less tempted to eat out or take food in. Shop only in the perimeter of the supermarket and avoid the processed foods in the middle to ensure your shopping cart is full of fresh, healthy produce.
  • Ward off the 3 pm snack attack. If you often find yourself going to the vending machine at 3:00 for a mid-afternoon snack, avoid an energy slump by bringing a snack with you. The best snacks combine protein and carbohydrates and provide you with the taste you often look for in more caloric treats. Crave salty foods? Bring some olives as a snack. Crave sweet? Have a peach and a small piece of dark chocolate.
  • Be sure to avoid foods that make you sleepy and treat yourself to some self-care at the end of the week (body wraps are a great way to relax and detoxify).

Sheri Oppenheimer is a health coach at Sweetgrass Spa in Little 5 Points and the Founder of The 100 Women Project. To schedule a FREE health makeover session with her ($125 value), call (404) 522-3223 or email Sheri at [email protected]

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