Whitby Handbags: Carrying the Weight

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For social entrepreneur and humanitarian Brittni Adams, luxury handbags are more than a fashion statement—they hold the capacity to change lives. Every sale of a handbag from Adams’ Whitby collection goes toward funding the education of a young girl in Haiti and putting her on track to a better future.

Profits from a Whitby bag sale sponsor one girl for a year of schooling as facilitated by a partnership with Atlanta-based initiative The 410 Bridge organization. That sponsorship covers her enrollment fees, school meals, health check-ups and uniform; she can focus solely on continuing her education and chasing her dreams. As a student, she’s empowered to build a better a future away from the oppression around her.

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And the girls get to be part of the process. Once they are in school, their drawings, through the magic of digital printing, are transformed into a one-of-a-kind fabric used to line the inside of the handbags. For the handbag owner, the playful pattern serves as a constant visual reminder of the little girl benefitting from the purchase. This connection enhances part of the Whitby mission, for women to learn new ways to help “carry the weight” of other women.

Joe Murray Photography-Whitby Handbags

Concerned about the growing impact of “fast fashion” (a term in the fashion community to describe the quick translation of catwalk trends to department store shelves), Adams has committed to producing Whitby handbags in fair-wage factories with environmentally sound practices. Whitby handbags boast a classic, solid construction made with couture-quality leather that is designed to last for years. Add a true investment piece to your wardrobe while also investing in the future of a deserving population. As Nobel Prize laureate and women’s education activist Malala Yousafzai proclaims, “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.”

Details: Bags start at $1295, whitbyhandbags.com; 410bridge.org

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