Who’s Got Pain?

By Danny Chaney, LMT/CNMT

Gifted Hands Therapeutic Massage


Massage therapy is more than just a day at the spa. In fact, it is very beneficial for relaxing, reducing stress, releasing toxins and building the immune system. While there are many types of massage, Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) offers some of the most promising and therapeutic techniques for pain management, mobility and injuries. NMT techniques are used to treat hypertonic (tight) muscles, trigger points and muscle spasms.

Pain management is the core and focus of Neuromuscular Therapy. A great deal of extreme pain can be caused by nerve entrapment or compression. Applying NMT techniques, such as friction and manipulation, promotes elongation of the muscles, thus relieving pressure from that nerve. A skilled massage therapist may be able to pinpoint exactly which muscle-nerve interactions provoke the symptoms.

Details: gifted-handsllc.om

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