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BEST Breaks Down Your Body Sculpting Options

BEST Breaks Down Your Body Sculpting Options

We understand there are a lot of new technologies out there to help fight fat and shape your body – and they can all be rather confusing. Let us make it clear for you! The dermatologists at BEST, which stands for Body Enhancing Solutions and Technologies, can help create a customized body contouring treatment plan for you. We offer a variety of different procedures, results, recovery time and costs, and the best part? Everything is non-invasive.

Here are just a few of the options we offer:

Exilis - The treatment is perfect for tightening and toning the face and body

CoolSculpting - A non-surgical treatment, it uses cryolipolysis to eliminate unwanted fat cells with out harming surrounding tissue. Areas include abdomen, flanks, thighs, love handles and arms.

Vanquish - Ideal in eliminating excess fat specifically around the core & thigh area.

Ultherapy - Target the contours of your face, décolleté, and neck with this treatment, or use it to create results similar to a brow lift.



"We are not a med spa. We are a board certified dermatology center located in Buckhead and committed to the intimate and sensitive nature of body sculpting."

BEST is a division of Dermatology Consultants, a 75-year-old practice in Atlanta. Our board-certified physicians are renowned leaders in the field of dermatology, recognized by several accrediting organizations. We have performed over 2400 treatments ( that is for CoolSculpting alone ) in three years and are one of the few centers in Georgia offering DualSculpting™ where we can treat two areas at the same time, reducing overall treatment times. Also, we are an Ultra Ultherapy Provider and performed more treatments than any other provider in 2014.

We not only offer the most advanced technologies today, but we will tomorrow as well. You see, we are not beholden to any one particular machine or procedure. Instead, we are committed to providing the latest, safest and best solutions for your unique goals and body type.

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