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Can Concierge Dermatology Improve Your Personal Brand?

Can Concierge Dermatology Improve Your Personal Brand?

Atlanta is becoming the next Hollywood and a major city for personal branding. Between selfies, digital media images and everyday social demands, your personal brand begins with your skin and hair. You have your own style, your own hairstylist/barber, but do you have direct access to a personal dermatologist to maintain the face of your brand? Clear, healthy, glowing skin emits health and translates that you are in control.

What if you could reach your personal dermatologist with the push of a button? Imagine having a personal dermatologist who is available to you 24/7 by phone, email, FaceTime, or other modality to answer your questions and treat your skin. What if your dermatologist could come to you and keep you in your everyday routine without skipping a beat?

We are SOCAH Center Concierge Dermatology Service. We put you and your brand first, providing comprehensive, personalized dermatology and hair loss care where you want it and when you need it. We allow 24/7 access to your personal dermatologist, 24-hour guaranteed appointment scheduling for virtual, home or office visits, and we keep your skin pampered with complimentary cosmetic treatments.

Whether you need to treat a condition or you value prevention and maintaining your skin, we will make sure to keep the face of your brand ready for all of life's events.


Dr. Nikki D. Hill, MD, FAAD
Concierge Dermatologist and Hair Loss Specialist

Dr. Nikki Hill is a board-certified dermatologist, hair loss specialist and founder of Atlanta's first and only concierge dermatology practice, the SOCAH Center, which brings quality care to you—conveniently.


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