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Natural, Nonsurgical Lifts in 30 Minutes or Less

With the holidays around the corner, and holiday parties even closer, it's time to get ready for those holiday photos. Don't have time to look your best because of the holiday rush? Here are a few quick fixes that can be performed in under 30 minutes.

Only have 10 minutes to visit your plastic surgeon? Consider a botox browlift, botox corner of mouth lift, and botox necklift. Botox, or Dysport or Xeomin, can be injected in certain amounts between the brows and at the corner of the brows to raise the eyebrows, opening the eyes making for great holiday photos. Adding a bit more to the forehead softens those harsh forehead creases. Have some mild neck drooping? Adding botox in the appropriate areas allows the neck tissue to retract upward giving the appearance of a flatter neck...who doesn't want that this time of year? A corner of the mouth lift can also be performed using a small amount of botox around the mouth allowing the lines around the mouth to soften and even raises the corners of the mouth to minimize downturned corners.

Have 20 minutes to see your plastic surgeon? Add a nonsurgical facelift to your treatment. Volumizers, such as Radiesse, Perlane, or Voluma, are great to add volume to deflated portions of the cheek and midface to 'lift' the tissues giving a more youthful contour. This improves the tear trough, nasolabial fold, marionette lines, and jowls simultaneously. Adding a certain amount to the jawline and temples can complete a more youthful and natural look.

Lastly, give your plastic surgeon 30 minutes and he/she can add a nonsurgical lower eyelid lift, a nonsurgical rhinoplasty, or nonsurgical lip augmentation. Thin areas of the face require thin fillers. The lower eyelid skin is very thin so adding a thin filler such as Belotero helps camouflage under eye puffiness, or bags, by filling in the underlying shadow. Lip augmentation also requires a thinner filler and Juvederm works well in this area to add plumpness to the lips as well as improving lines around the mouth without making the lips too large. Finally, correct mild imperfections of the nose or add height to your bridge or raise the tip by using Radiesse, Perlane, or Voluma for a nonsurgical rhinoplasty.

Downtime is always a concern this time of year. Find a plastic surgeon who uses a blunt cannula to inject fillers; blunt cannulas reduce the risk of bruising by greater than 90% and also reduce swelling and pain from needle sticks. In addition, once you get your treatments, treat with ice the day of treatment, keep your head elevated, don't work out or increase your heart rate, and avoid blood thinners such as aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, flax seed, Vitamin E, gingko biloba, etc., at least 2 weeks prior to treatment to minimize any further bruising. Herbal supplements such as arnica montana, bromelain, and papaya extract seem to decrease bruising once it occurs if taken for 4-5 days following the treatment.


Mike Majmundar, MD
Northside Plastic Surgery

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