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Coco Chanel is quoted as saying,"If a woman is dressed shabbily you notice the clothes, but if a woman is dressed impeccibly you notice the woman." In the current uncertain economic atmosphere and with just about everyone cutting back, today's woman might think impeccable dressing is out of her reach.  This doesn't neccessarily have to be the case, thanks to the rise in popopularity in consignment shopping.

Consignment stores offer an inventory mix of gently-worn items, showroom samples and boutique overstocks at a fraction of the original prices.  The unique and varied selections offer endless wardrobe possibilities for the value minded.

Consignment stores seperate themselves from thrift stores by having items that have been hand-picked from individuals and businesses who place them in the stores for a share of the profits. Labels can range from Chanel to purse picThe Gap.  Many stores also offer new jewelry and accessories to complete a new and updated look.

Each consignment store has its own personality, catering to a certain customer.  They range from designer only boutiques to funky, eclectic mixes of newer and vintage, to children's and maternity.  It's important to enter a consignment store with an open mind, remembering that the inventory is generally one-of-a-kind and consistantly changing with almost daily new additions.  Most stores keep a "wish list" for customers seeking specific items.

One of the best value features of consignment shopping is the fact that you can "flip" money earned from things you take in from your closet towards new purchases.  The consignment cycle is therapeudic, economically sound and environmentally friendly.  In a time when conspicuous consumption has shoe circlebecome consider tacky---consignment shopping is becoming the new chic.  These resale treasure troves offer countless options toward helping you present that impeccable best self image that would make Coco proud.


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