Dry Skin
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Alison O’Neil, B.S., A.R.S. Alison O’Neil, B.S., A.R.S. Clinical Skin Care Specialist

Switch up your skin care routine for drier days ahead

The changing colors and shorter days are reminders that the summer sun is now gone and fall is upon us. The moist air that left your skin feeling soft and supple in the warmer months is now turning cool and dry. In turn, much like the leaves outside, the skin’s surface begins to tighten and develops a more brittle texture, which can make even the most youthful face look weathered.

Whether due to aging or lingering summer-sun damage, skin that lacks an intact natural-moisturizing barrier cannot hold water efficiently, especially in drier weather. Surprisingly, the solution is to expose the skin to less water than you typically would in a warmer climate. The reason for this is that water wicks moisture away from the skin. So, put a time limit on your bath or shower—the longer your skin is exposed to water, the more water molecules will abandon it for the larger body of water.

If you’re experiencing dry skin, the first thing many people reach for is an exfoliator to slough off flakes. But leave scrubbing for the kitchen floor—it may aggravate dry skin even more and cause damage to new cells. Instead, here’s a beauty trick: Pre-treat your skin by applying a moisturizing cleanser or even hair conditioner. Then, remove it with a wet washcloth to glenty sweep away skin cells. The brittle cells on the skin’s surface will float off with this gentle exfoliation.

Next, swap your summer moisturizer for an emulsion, which is a cross between a cream and a lotion, to ensure restoration of the skin’s much-needed protective barrier. Look for an emulsion that contains the ingredient hyaluronic acid, which is a humectant that attracts water from within the skin, or from your moisturizer itself, to hydrate the skin’s surface. It is the same ingredient plastic surgeons use in injectable fillers to restore that plump, youthful look.

Armed with these expert tips, you’ll have glowing, supple skin throughout the fall.



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