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Cosmetic Surgery To Remove Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Fine Tuning Your Weight Loss: What Now?

Whether you set out to lose 20 pounds or 100 pounds, the goal with most weight loss efforts is to gain a healthier, more fulfilling life.  For many, after the pounds are shed, plastic surgery procedures are the final step in reaching the physical and psychological finish line with weight loss. Duluth Double Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. David Whiteman answers your frequently asked questions about plastic surgery after weight loss.

Can plastic surgery help me lose weight?

Cosmetic surgery is not the answer for weight loss, but it can certainly help patients further embrace their new bodies after weight loss and reveal their health-focused efforts.  I work with ACE certified personal trainer, Daryl Madison to formulate diet and exercise plans for patients who express an interest in losing weight before surgery.  I always encourage healthy habits in my patients because a healthy lifestyle significantly improves the surgery recovery process and cosmetic results. 

examplesWhat can be done about the excess, hanging skin left after weight loss?

Procedures like a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) or brachioplasty (arm lift) are specifically designed to tighten lax skin and the muscle underneath.  Not just for weight loss, tummy tuck surgery is also a useful component of mommy makeover surgery for women who wish to repair the effects of pregnancy and child birth. 

Isn’t post-weight loss plastic surgery only for those people who have lost significant amounts of weight?

Plastic surgery can be used to enhance your newly refined body no matter how much weight you’ve lost.  While I don’t recommend surgery for anyone who anticipates drastic weight loss post-surgery, I have seen significant improvement in patients who have lost moderate amounts of weight with liposuction of isolated areas of exercise and diet resistant excess fat like the lower abdomen, hips, and even back. 

What does a plastic surgeon really know about weight loss and healthy living?

While your plastic surgeon may not seem like your initial resource for tips on healthy living, as a doctor of medicine and a plastic surgeon, I have a keen understanding of just how intertwined your appearance is with how you feel.  I know that if patients can commit to bettering their lives with healthier habits, they will also maximize the rejuvenation effects capable with plastic surgery.  

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Dr. David Whiteman is a Double Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon (United States and Canada). He has been practicing Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Atlanta, GA since 1993 and maintains privileges at many nationally accredited hospitals and surgical centers throughout Atlanta. Dr. Whiteman is currently the head of plastic surgery at The Gwinnett Medical Center (Duluth & Lawrenceville).