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Facial rejuvenation procedures to reduce the signs of aging have increased in popularity as surgical techniques have progressed. One result of these advances has been confusion over what the different terms for facelift mean. As a patient, how do you know whether you need a mini lift, S-lift, deep plane lift or any other particular variety?

The real key to a great facelift result is consulting with an experienced facelift surgeon who can help you understand the best procedure for you based on your needs, goals and time frame. Dr. Beaty takes this concept a step further at his Atlanta practice and offers all of his patients a completely individualized, progressive approach to both consultation and surgery. This method ensures that you will have the facial rejuvenation procedure that maximizes your results while minimizing incisions and downtime.

Dr. Beaty has spent years in training and practice mastering all of the major facelift techniques and developing and publishing this unique progressive approach to ensure your results are the best they can be. Beginning with your consultation, Dr. Beaty performs a comprehensive assessment of your facial skin, supportive tissue and volume needs. He also discusses how each technique will impact your look and your recovery. During the procedure, each step is evaluated for maximal efficacy. The result of following this type of approach is a perfect matching of surgical technique to the needs of each patient, delivering a rejuvenated new you every time!


Mark M. Beaty,
MD, Double Board Certified Facial
Plastic Surgeon

Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mark Beaty has provided the finest in facial aesthetic services to patients in metro Atlanta for over 15 years. Dr. Beaty is an expert in personalized facial aesthetic enhancement including all aspects of cosmetic facial surgery as well as nonsurgical rejuvenation.


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