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1. When booking your appointment with your stylist, remember you’re not just paying for a hairstyle and color, etc. You’re paying for the knowledge they should readily give to help you become more educated on how to deal with your hair problems and provide you with solutions.

2. Why not book an appointment for a lesson on how to create that smooth, shiny, straight-hair look?

3. When evaluating frizzy hair, look further and decide if it is frizz or curl—frizz is a texture and curl is a movement.

4. Consider the condition of the hair. Rely on your stylist for help.

5. Most hair will have natural oils on the surface that creates a light, natural film providing smooth, conditioned, shiny hair.

6. When this natural emollient is removed, hair can become frizzy looking and even look dry. The goal is to recreate the natural state of hair. We want to smooth the outermost layer of hair known as the cuticle. Fortifying the hair shaft with correct styling products not only combats frizz, it also protects hair from heat and the elements.

7. UV filters are a must—especially for color-treated hair. They protect your hair-color investment.

8. UV filters are great for sun protection, but remember that hair needs the same protection from salt and chlorine also. Apply these products before exposure to water, to seal and build a defense shield before hair is saturated with salt and chlorinated water.

9. Kerastase Solarie is an excellent line of products for before and after exposure—for every need and type of hair.

10. Never brush frizzy, curly hair when it is wet. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle after conditioning.

11. Dry hair about 20 percent before applying an anti-frizz product so hair will absorb product deeper into the hair shaft.

12. Start with a plan and stick to it for the best results. When the plan is to blow hair smooth, section hair to keep it organized and keep the air from the dryer very controlled. And be certain all sections are completely dry before using a flat iron.

13. Remember you may need to reapply your barrier-building products to combat humidity.

14. Frizzy hair is a natural texture and reacts greatly to our climate. Hair absorbs moisture from the air. This is how the structure of hair becomes distorted and returns to its natural state.

15. With the right tools, along with a realistic goal and allowing proper time, you can have a good relationship with your frizzy hair.


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