Hormones and Aging
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Dr. Markeita McIntosh DD MPAS PA Dr. Markeita McIntosh DD MPAS PA

The Effects of Hormones on Aging

Why does losing weight become more difficult after the age of 40?
As we age, men and women alike change, and the endocrine and immune systems are responsible for our body's change in the aging process. The endocrine system regulates our body's temperature, reproduction, growth, aging and immune system. Our hormones communicate between these systems, allowing our bodies to adapt to our environment. Hormone production decreases around age 40 and continues to diminish each year.

How do our hormones play a role in our ability to lose weight?
Recent literature found that 90 percent of women experience weight gain between the ages of 35 and 55, or what has been defined as perimenopause and menopause. There are four essential elements to weight loss: nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and balanced hormones. Imbalanced hormones can directly impact appetite, fat storage and metabolism. Cessation of estrogen by the ovaries during menopause creates a need for the body to find another source. As a result, our body learns to convert more calories into fat to increase estrogen production. Progesterone, an opposing hormone of estrogen, causes water retention or bloating as hormone levels decline. Testosterone in women works to build and maintain muscle mass, which works to burn calories and cause a higher metabolism. Insulin resistance occurs when the body incorrectly converts every calorie to fat. Over time, your body resists the insulin produced in the body.

What are the benefits of hormone replacement therapy?
Hormone replacement does not reverse the aging process, but it can slow down the process to achieve less deterioration, less illness and a better quality of life. Hormone replacement helps us maintain our good health and prevent many age related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. Within six to 12 months of therapy, patients with balanced hormones notice reshaped bodies, fat disappearing, increased muscle tone, increased energy and more youthful looking skin.

What is a bio-identical hormone, and how is it different from a synthetic hormone?
A bio-identical hormone has a chemical structure that is identical to the hormone naturally produced by the body. We refer to them as natural because they are natural to the human body. Natural hormones cannot be patented by drug companies. Synthetic hormones have a structure similar to but not exactly the same as hormones produced by the body. These chemical differences mean that synthetic hormones act differently and produce substantially different effects. Natural (bio-identical) and synthetic hormones should not be considered the same or used interchangeably. A multitude of studies have demonstrated many harmful effects of synthetic hormones, whereas the medical literature supports no harmful effect of natural hormones, only beneficial effects.

What should people look for in a doctor who administers hormone replacement therapy?
A large percentage of patients who are taking "natural hormones" from other doctors are on an inadequate regimen. Most health care providers are not trained to target optimal levels based on blood levels. Optimization of the hormones is achieved by replenishing these hormones to physiologic levels, which has been shown to alleviate these age–related changes.


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