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Teresa Ducoffe and Candace Layer Teresa Ducoffe and Candace Layer

Is Our Modern World Toxic?

The evidence is overwhelming. Toxins are everywhere, in our water, air, food, soaps, shampoos, even in the clothes we wear. We read about mercury in our fish, jet fuel in our lettuce, and heavy metals in our air. Our bodies carry a chemical cocktail of industrial chemicals, pesticides, food additives, heavy metals, and residues of many pharmaceuticals, as well as toxins from alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and illegal drugs.

Colon Hydrotherapy can help to minimize the effects of toxins and environmental stresses that can lead to imbalances in the immune system.

The International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) protocol suggests: Week 1 & 2 = two sessions per week and Weeks 3 to 10 = one session per week. Our trained therapists can help you to determine the best number of sessions for your unique needs. We believe Colon Hydrotherapy, supported by a proper diet, water, exercise, and stress management can accelerate the healing potential of your body.

In her book Detox or Die by Dr Sherry Rogers, MD says toxicity is like a one-way street leading to disease; the key to healing is to reverse the toxicity. Dr Rogers suggests some of the best ways to detoxify are through Colon Hydrotherapy and Infrared Sauna.

Atlanta Colonic & Massage offers the best in Colon Hydrotherapy and Infrared Sauna Therapy in the Atlanta area.

Our modern world is toxic; a problem that is not going away anytime soon.

Cleansing is no longer just an option, it is a necessity!


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Teresa Ducoffe and Candace Layer are Certified Colon Hydrotherapists at Atlanta Colonic & Massage. Along with Teresa's mother, they are a three-generation family business who provides the best in preventative health care and detoxification, as well as unparalleled client care and service.