Laser-New Treatments for Anti-Aging
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Today’s Top Anti-Aging Technologies

What would you say are the most popular anti-aging technologies today?
Skin-tightening laser treatments! We use only Cynosure brand lasers in our facility to safely and effectively treat a wide variety of skincare concerns. We also use class four medical devices that are FDA regulated.

Who are the typical candidates for these treatments?
We can treat all skin types, though these anti-aging treatments are most common among adults age 40 and over.

What does your Refresh Laser Facial involve?
The Refresh Laser Facial utilizes the latest in laser technology to create a lasting change inside the live layer of tissue. Our aestheticians use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to target things like sun spots and facial veins. This is followed by a skin smoothing collagen facial. We recommend a combination of three laser treatments along with the facial to target your skin’s needs.

What symptoms does this treatment alleviate?
The Refresh Laser Facial removes any pigment irregularity, evens skin tone, and brightens your complexion.

What types of results can we expect from 
a Refresh Laser Facial?
You’ll notice brighter, tighter skin with smoother texture. The light therapy diffuses facial redness, removes broken capillaries, and helps even skin tone. The collagen contracture by radio frequency helps generate collagen and skin tightening. By stimulating your collagen production, you’ll glow from the inside out.

Is this treatment painful?
No, the Refresh Laser Facial offers no pain or downtime.

Are any medications unsafe to take during this treatment?
Clients must avoid taking antibiotics and tanning for the refresh treatments.

How long will the results last?
Most patients come in at least quarterly, but many get addicted and come in monthly. Once you have achieved your skincare results, it is easy to maintain that healthy glow.

Alethea Tinkle is a Medical Aesthetician, Permanent Cosmetic Artist, Eyelash Specialist, and Educator. She owns and operates Bella by Alethea in Buckhead.

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