Maintaining & Enhancing Healthy Skin
Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center
Seth A. Yellin, MD,FACS Seth A. Yellin, MD,FACS

Maintaining & Enhancing Healthy Skin Takes Teamwork-The Secret to Our Success

Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics Center is led by Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS, formerly Chief of Facial Plastic Surgery at Emory Healthcare from 1999-2011 and a nationally recognized expert in creating a natural look when performing facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty. The Center provides patients with a state-of-the-art aesthetic experience in a freestanding, beautiful, modern facility designed with your needs in mind.

Whether you are seeking advice on how to best care for your skin or perhaps you have a concerning mole or skin condition requiring special attention our Dermatologist partners at Marietta Dermatology are on-site and ready to help. Additionally, our in-house medical aestheticians and laser experts can educate you and determine the best and most economical care plan to address your skin concerns.

Our aesthetics center, which is staffed by highly trained and knowledgeable skin care experts, is the ideal place to experience non-invasive treatments for your facial blemishes, unwanted skin redness or brown spots, facial lines and wrinkles and or loss of collagen in the face and neck. These issues can be addressed with therapies ranging from topical medications and cosmeceuticals to chemical peels, intense pulsed light, vibradermabrasion, laser facials and other laser procedures designed to provide maximum benefit with minimum downtime. Unwanted body hair can also be addressed with laser hair removal. Ultherapy, which uses high intensity ultrasound energy to contract and tighten relaxed skin of the face and neck, is an exciting new technique that really expands what can be done to improve ones appearance with no downtime. Lastly, cellulite is effectively treated with SmoothShapes technology, which not only smoothes the skin but also helps reduce inches in the treated areas.

marietta-facialIf facial aging or simply looking tired, in spite of getting a good nights rest, is an issue or perhaps there is a facial feature that you have never been comfortable with, a personalized consultation with Dr. Yellin will be comprehensive and informative and is an ideal forum for getting all of your questions answered. Dr. Yellin will complete his assessment by providing you with a written summary of his customized plan, which may range from home skin care products to in office minimally invasive injectable treatments or if necessary, surgical procedures. If surgery is recommended, procedures can often be performed in our office operatory under local anesthesia or if general anesthesia is required, at a certified outpatient surgical facility, which is the ideal location for aesthetic surgical procedures as it provides the same level of safety and patient care as a modern hospital in a friendly, patient-oriented environment.

Lastly, our practice provides a truly integrated care approach to the management of skin cancer. Whether you need a full body skin check, a biopsy to diagnose a suspicious skin lesion, specialized Mohs skin cancer removal, pathologic expertise or extensive facial reconstruction, our practice provides all of these services and more and has been serving Marietta and all of North Georgia for more than 40 years. Come visit with us and see how we may serve you.


Seth A. Yellin, MD,FACS
Facial Plastic Surgeon

Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center
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