Natural Breast Augmentation
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Donald Alfred Ruf, MD Donald Alfred Ruf, MD

A Natural Approach to Breast Augmentation

Who is an ideal candidate for natural breast augmentation?
An ideal candidate for natural breast augmentation is a woman with fairly decent elasticity of the breast skin. This is a procedure for someone who has lost fullness in her breasts due to aging or breastfeeding and wants to go up in breast size no more than two cup sizes.

What are the benefits of natural breast augmentation vs. the silicone route?
The advantage of natural breast augmentation is just that - the breasts look natural. There is no cutting anywhere on the breast, and you can shape your breasts the way you want them. This method also gives women more cleavage, fills in the area under the breast and helps with asymmetry and nipple projection.

How does natural breast augmentation work?
The surgeon will harvest fat from different areas of the body using advanced liposuction techniques. The fat is then washed, and plasma rich platelets from the patient are added back into the fat. Next it is injected through two small needle points above and below the areola.

Is the augmentation process painful?
You feel pressure, but we can give you valium to help with nerves and something to make you feel comfortable during the procedure. The patient may be sore afterward, but she can return to work within one to two days.

Are there any risks or side effects to this method of breast enhancement?
There are no risks associated with natural breast enhancement.

What types of results can people expect from this method, and how long do the results last?
The results will last forever. You will lose about 15 to 20 percent of the fat injected during the first six weeks, but everything else remains.


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