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Benefits of a Neck Lift

It's natural for skin to age over time, whether due to sun exposure, environmental pollutants, or the skin's natural loss of elasticity. The skin on your face may become looser and less firm, drooping downward and forming a softer jawline and even the dreaded double chin.

Cosmetic surgery can fix these signs of aging; neck lifts in particular are a common solution. Atlanta's Dr. Sinha offers neck lifts to help reverse the signs of aging in your neck and give you a fresher appearance.

Dr-Sinha-Web-5-inFULLDr. Sinha performs a neck lift by making small incisions in the fold of the hairline and behind the ear. He removes excess skin, sculpts the jaw and neckline, and repositions the skin tissue to eliminate wrinkles and provide a long-lasting, youthful look.

Neck lift surgery procedures vary, and are often performed in conjunction with other surgeries, like face lifts. Neck lifts can involve liposuction to remove fat, cervicoplasty to remove excess skin, or platysmaplasty to tighten the neck muscles and smooth out unwanted lines. Before proceeding with any surgery, Dr. Sinha holds a comprehensive consultation with each of his patients to determine the specifics of their neck lift, or if they are better suited for non-surgical alternatives such as Botox or laser resurfacing.










Q & A with Dr. Sinha

What's the recovery process like?

Patients typically go home same day or can opt to stay overnight. The patient will have a loose dressing for two days, and stitches are typically removed after 7-10 days.

What types of reactions should I look out for?

You might experience mild bruising or discoloration for the first week or two after surgery. An esthetician from the Atlanta Institute for Facial Aesthetic Surgery can help you apply makeup to cover up any bruising or discoloration. Swelling is also common and should go down on its own within the first few weeks.

What factors do you consider before going ahead with the procedure?

A patient's skin type, bone structure and desired outcome are all taken into account in order to plan the ideal neck lift. Old photographs are helpful as Dr Sinha is very particular about natural looking results.


Dr. Sinha is a Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon specializing in cosmetic and functional surgery of the head and neck. He has successfully treated thousands of patients and is highly regarded and well respected by his peers in the medical community.

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