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Asaf Yalif, MD, FACS Asaf Yalif, MD, FACS

Plastic Surgery For the Modern Man

Do you see plastic surgery becoming a trend amongst your male patients?
It is pleasantly surprising how each year, a larger number of men come for a consultation with us. As plastic surgery has become more acceptable in everyday life, whether through TV shows or increased awareness of the variety of procedures we perform, men are increasingly becoming an important component of our practice.

man-measure-weightHow does a cosmetic procedure for a man differ from a woman?
The goals for what is "aesthetically pleasing" for a man are different than those for a woman. As such, when we design an approach for a man we must take into consideration his goals, which are obviously different - from incision placement to the amount of tissue removed and recontoured.

What are some of the most common cosmetic procedures your male patients request?
We see a significant amount of male patients come in to ask about body contouring (liposuction, coolsculpting) as well as peri-orbital rejuvenation (eyelid lifting). Less common but still frequent procedures include face and neck lifts and male breast reduction. In addition, men are now requesting botox and filler treatments.

man-injectionIs the recovery time following cosmetic surgery different for a man?
Recovery from surgery is similar between men and women, pending medical problems and medication usage. As a general rule, recovery is fairly rapid, depending on the intervention.

What should a man look for when seeking out a cosmetic surgeon?
As with all cosmetic surgery, make sure you are seeking a board-certified plastic surgeon. Once you have a name of a certified plastics doctor, make sure that you feel comfortable with them in consultation, that they address all of your concerns and that they are confident in their ability to provide you with a result that you want. If any of the above isn't met, seek another opinion.



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Dr. Asaf Yalif is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and body. Utilizing the most recent developments, both surgical and nonsurgical, he will help you create a unique plan to achieve your goals.